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Chapbooks 2013


by emoody
Foreword by Duriel E. Harris

“Ambitious, provocative, and deeply meditative…easily one of the most compelling chapbooks I have read.”

— Duriel E. Harris, author of Amnesiac: Poems

Disinhabited is a deftly innovative, hybrid work that is sure to resonate with readers and warrant multiple reads. What does it feel like to be split—ideologically, emotionally, and viscerally—between two worlds? This is the question emoody investigates in this chapbook, using a life-altering missionary foot washing trip to India that challenges her every certitude as a through line to discovery. Fusing text messages, diary entries, e-mails, photographs, prayers, and lyric poems into a gripping narrative, emoody allows readers to immerse themselves in her interrogation of gender, identity, and cultural disparities. Her desire to connect with Indian women, especially a teenage girl named Salou, provides a framework for self-reflection that ultimately questions the possibility of authentic engagement—both between others and within one’s self.

Hybrid Genre/Poetry | $10
Size: 8.5″x 5.5″
Pages: 32
Binding: Saddle Stitched



by B. Burns
Foreword by Kass Fleisher

“That Burns can lay out this much theorized reality for us, and connect the dots between environs and rape and relations, while working in a tone that invites us to be intimately acquainted with her narrator, is a wonderful gift to us.”

—Kass Fleisher, author of Dead Woman Hollow and founding publisher of Steerage Press

The Case of the Mystery Tampon!! explores rape in a memoir that reveals the relationship between different types of abuse—sexual, familial, and societal—that all seem interrelated. In a compelling voice that is at once as candid as it is familiar, Burns invites readers to a high school hotel party that will change her life in both small and profound ways. In the aftermath, Burns struggles to process what she has experienced and find a genuine ally in the midst of a toxic home life and a healthcare system that seeks to control and define her life experience on terms that aren’t her own.

Creative Nonfiction | $10
Size: 8.5″x 5.5″
Pages: 32
Binding: Saddle Stitched



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