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Chapbooks 2016: Fall


by Marion Sakaluk
Afterword by Kass Fleisher

Marion Sakaluk’s debut chapbook Skinwork is a collection of speculative short stories that reinvigorate questions of mind-body dualism, as Sakaluk deftly interrogates the often absurd, often-terrifying psychosomatic aftereffects of encounters with trauma, grief, anger, sadness, and desire. Each fiction creates a plausible world—sometimes dark, sometimes playful, but always original—where readers will immediately recognize the complexities and auguries her characters negotiate as they struggle to define what it means to be embodied amid the monstrous possibilities of the posthuman twenty-first century.

Fiction | $7
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Pages: 32
Binding: Saddle Stitched



Escapology / The Gun That Won the West
by Mike Shier

In Escapology / The Gun That Won the West, Mike Shier deftly weaves stories of famous Americans Harry Houdini and Sarah Winchester with his own memoirs of mental health concerns and strained familial relationships. Readers will be unable to escape the magic and mystery Shier crafts into these paired narratives—by turns funny and poignant—as he seeks his own way out of contemporary America’s self-fashioned and pharmacological straitjackets.

Creative Nonfiction | $7
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Pages: 24
Binding: Do-Si-Do


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