Handmade Chapbooks / Publishing Workshop


Final Portfolio Requirements 2018
Deadline: Friday, December 14, 4 p.m. NO EXCEPTIONS! (You may turn in your portfolio at any point on or after Tuesday, December 4.)

Part 1: Reflective Essay or Cover Letter
Compose an 4–5 page (1500 words maximum) reflective essay or cover letter (addressed to me) in which you track and reflect upon your learning during the semester and the process for book (chapbook) production. It is important to think back to what you knew before you began this course, what you have learned, and how that information might be applied to your stated goals you wish to accomplish beyond this class.

You may also include things that you might have discovered during the course that you will need to investigate later. Use readings, discussions, classroom activities, and workshops to help you complete the essay. Please be specific and use examples whenever possible.

I’m also interested in hearing about how your work in this course might change you as a reader and student in other courses, e.g., does learning about and engaging with the publishing process change the way you encounter a new book or text? If so, how?

Note: You may also choose to complete your essay in a nontraditional or multimodal genre other than a standard written essay, such as an Adobe Spark, a Prezi, edited video reflection, podcast, or a narrated portfolio (other options exist). If you choose to complete your essay as a project in another genre, we should meet to discuss the parameters.

If you reference sources, please include appropriate in-text citations and a works cited using either Chicago or MLA style.

Your reflective essay or cover letter should be included as the first item in your digital portfolio (see below).

Part 2: Hard Copy Portfolio
This should include all the paperwork you have completed this semester, both exercises and project-based work, in support of the project, including:
• original manuscript
• proofreading exercise
• cleaned manuscript with edits
• layout sketch with comments
• any printed version of your manuscript that has comments attached
• a final version of your INDIVIDUAL chapbook design sketch and layout (bound, if possible, but optional)
• any additional relevant inclusions that would shape my impressions of your learning that may be omitted from this list

Part 3: Digital Portfolio (Adobe PDF format)
In this document, you should include all of your digital files, as well as any required essays or correspondence that asked you to reflect on a process or compose in a professional genre (e.g., cover letters for proofs, etc.), including:
• reflective essay or cover letter
• list/log (to-do list and items completed list or variation used to keep track of tasks)
• digital edits entered by group
• process essay on proofreading
• book cover design exercise
• book layout exercise
• first page proofs (the first complete copy of your group’s design and layout)
• final version of your INDIVIDUAL manuscript design
• marketing and promotional materials (website copy/press release/flyer or poster/link to Facebook events page, etc.)
• any additional relevant inclusions that would shape my impressions of your learning that may be omitted from this list
Please arrange all portfolio inclusions, for both the hard copy and the digital components, in an organized way that makes sense and is easy to interact with.

The portfolio comprises 40% of your final grade. (Participation in the group project, class participation, and your scheduled instructor meeting comprise the remainder of your grade.) I will evaluate your portfolio for neatness, organization, completeness, resourcefulness, and professionalism, as well as your ability to reflect on the process and your learning with depth and insight.

Note: In the past, I have provided extensive comments on portfolios, only to have students not retrieve their portfolios from me at the start of the subsequent semester. Because of this, I will only offer feedback on your portfolio or any of its inclusions if you ask for it in writing (included in hard copy) or via email. Please be specific about what kind of feedback you would like, i.e., written, narrative, a follow-up meeting to discuss your work next semester, comments only on content of essay, etc.


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